Traveling Water Screens

USS New Traveling Water Screens

Dependability keynotes the performance of all USS traveling water screens large or small; their design is backed by 30 + years of experience. A wide choice of materials plus, simple rugged construction assures long life with minimum maintenance.

USS traveling water screens are available to meet all your filtration needs; we offer front or rear spray wash headers, marine protection, two or four post frame designs, semi-enclosed or enclosed housings in widths 1’- 10” to 14’ wide and for well depths up to 100’ deep.

These rugged screens effectively screen debris from intake water channels of power plants, paper mills, chemical plants, and municipal water treatment plants. The USS traveling water screen will provide clean process water and provide positive protection for condensers, circulating water pumps, and other hydraulic equipment.

“Can’t afford the down time?”

Consider a wear-point rebuild of your Traveling Water Screens.

Your screen’s life expectancy is based upon the periodic maintenance and serviceability of high wear components such as sprockets, bearings, and carrier chains that make up your Traveling Water Screen.  In the past, these high wear parts could only be replaced if the well were de-watered or if the traveling water screen was removed from the well.

USS can offer you a cost-effective alternative.  Our “wear-point” rebuild program provides your plant complete turnkey parts and service for the up-grade and replacement of complete foot shaft assemblies, Inner chain guide tracks, carrier chains and all other high wear components while your screen is in it’s well.

USS “wear-point” rebuild and retrofit programs are performed both in dry and a submerged well by our factory trained technicians/divers.