ROV Services
USS Remotely Operated Vehicle, or ROV, can play an important role in inspections for our clients. ROVs assist with preliminary inspections that assess underwater structures or inside a pipe for damage, corrosion, or sediment build-up as well as to evaluate the underwater environment for potential risks which makes them an invaluable tool for working in areas with strong currents, dangerous obstacles, or polluted/contaminated waters. USS can utilize our ROVs for many types of underwater inspections including structural inspections (dams, bridges, clear wells, piers, etc.) internal and external pipeline inspections, and potable water storage tank inspections. In many cases, using ROVs for potable water tank inspections eliminates the potential risks of contamination or personal injury that becomes more prevalent when utilizing divers for these types of inspections. USS ROVs can inspect and document the overall condition of the interior tank coatings as well as all other critical components of potable water storage tanks. In addition to providing a visual inspection ROVs are also useful for detecting leaks, harmful corrosion, and sediment buildup within the tank. USS can provide all your ROV and underwater inspection needs.