Mechanical Bar Rakes

Mechanical Bar Screen Inspection & Repair Service

Your Mechanical Bar Screen  has been designed as the plants first defense against floating or suspended debris from being pulled into your raw water intake system.

Therefore, it is imperative that the owner is aware of the existing condition and future serviceability of the Bar Rakes.

Through our annual inspection designed for plant outage planning USS will provide you with the necessary information to determine future serviceability thereby limiting costly repairs.

This information will be provided to you after the completion of the field inspections and will be in the form of our eleven page Advanced Engineering Report (AER)

Mechanical Bar Rake Replacement Components

USS Can provide you with high quality replacement components for your Mechanical Bar Rakes. Our focus has been applied to increasing the service life of your equipment.

Mechanical Bar Rake On-Site “Wear Point” Repair Service

Discover how to save money by rebuilding your Mechanical Bar Rakes to perform like new. There is no need to invest tens of thousands of dollars into new equipment when our certified, professional staff, will return your equipment to a reliable first defense in debris removal for your plants raw water intake system.