CCTV Pipe Inspection & Storm Drain Cleaning

Pipeline Inspection Services

Industrial Pipe Cleaning, CCTV Pipe Inspection & Storm Drain Cleaning Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Inspection is one of the most effective methods used to map drainage systems, in addition to locating and diagnosing any unknown defects. This method produces complex photographic and video imagery of the internal pipeline system.
USS can accurately locate and identify a vast range of defects. Typical inspections reveal the pipe’s condition, intrusive or foreign materials, blockages, and defective repairs.
Our mobile crawler inspection system is designed to operate in a variety of environments and can investigate pipes as between 6” and 60” in diameter.
At USS we work with utility installers, utility owners, facility managers or municipalities, to inspect, locate, and diagnose issues in their pipeline systems. This technology allows USS to tackle the most challenging underground systems.